Bernie's Dank Meme Stash is a spot for Bernie lovers and election followers alike to congregate and share the best of political, Sanders-centric memes.



Will Bernie's Legacy Live On In These Dank Memes?

Bernie Sanders‘ Dank Meme Stash is the Facebook group we know and love, a spot for people to (virtually) gather and share the best of political, Sanders-centric memes. It gave us hope throughout Sanders’ campaign, and showed us what true love is all about—memes. Without a doubt, Sanders was always the underdog, always fighting the good fight, even when the media deemed Clinton the democratic nominee on June 6th due to overwhelming delegate support and not Sanders dropping out of the race. And even when, earlier today, Sanders finally endorsed Clinton.

Looks about right.

I was approved to join Bernie’s Dank Meme Stash back in March, and ever since, my political views haven’t been the same. Yes, they are just memes, but memes that have motivated me to learn about each candidate. Maybe this is just a result of the digital world we live in, but memes, it seems, have become our leading news source. Where most media outlets are skewed toward a particular stance or political party, The Dank Meme Stash became a place devoid of biases, where you could decide what’s what. Consisting of woke members that are justifiably skeptical of Fox News, the page is filled with links to creditable news stories that give you multiple perspectives on all topics likes Hillary Clinton‘s emails, Marco Rubio’s dry mouth, Donald Trump‘s dream wall, Ted Cruz being the zodiac killer, as well as excellent Game of Thrones crossover memes.

Born woke and politically opinionated.

Before the delegate demise, the meme page righteously hated on every candidate on both democratic and republican sides, with the obvious exception of our lord and savior Sanders. Full disclosure, this Facebook group can be a very cruel place even if you’re not reading the comments. I mean, this is the Internet we’re talking about. No one is exempt from cyberbullying. The page makes a mockery of the candidates and, to be honest, that’s probably why most people visit it. Naturally, as the campaign went on and candidates dropped out, memes about Ted Cruz looking like a girl with a broken smile and Marco Rubios’ fat earlobes slowly disappeared, as is the fate of the rest of the candidates as the election season comes to a close.

This will be much funnier once Trump is out of the picture.

That doesn’t mean this BDMS will become obsolete after the election. Not to sound like a total loser, but memes are cool. Even Spanish memes (pronounced meh-meh in Español) are cool. Our generation connects with them, Tumblr is riddled with them, and Instagram is poisoned with them. Users in the group may lose interest in candidates, but then they’ll just make a meme for whatever next week’s news is. When shit hits the White House fan, there will be memes. When Obama goes on vacation with his family, there will be a meme for that too. Wherever Trump ends up, there will most certainly be a meme for it, and they will all be on Bernie’s Dank Meme Stash. As long as memes are alive and well, BDMS isn’t be going anywhere.

Images courtesy of Bernie’s Dank Meme Stash.

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