Milk Makeup, as you may have heard, teamed up with everyone's favorite snowboarding company, Burton, on an exclusive bag that'll keep your products snug and safe. And now, this bag can be yours.



Win A Limited Edition Milk Makeup x Burton Bag

Summer might be on its tail end, but as any New Yorker knows, August is a perilous month, where merely waiting for the subway turns into a struggle to keep your face from melting off. Until recently, this struggle meant you’d have to lug all your products in your purse, adding insult to (potential neck) injury. But then the boiling hot sewer steam cleared and made way for the most practical solution ever: a Milk Makeup x Burton bag collaboration.

TFW you spot a Milk Makeup x Burton bag, but are trying to play it cool.

Lauded for its practicality, design, pockets, and—perhaps best of all—lightness, the collab between the undeniably cool mavens of makeup and snowboarding, respectively, was such a success with top makeup artists that, to celebrate, Milk Makeup decided to give away ten bags. And as everyone knows, the only thing better than being gifted freebies is the prospect of going to work and not, for one single day, looking like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky. 

Entering the contest couldn’t be easier; simply be older than 18, click here, and follow the instructions. Let the makeup games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Images courtesy of Milk Makeup. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more Milk Makeup goodies. 

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