Mysterious things happen to child bike ryders in Winona Ryder's new 80s-set Netflix show. Check out the trailer for supernatural forces, government experiments, and hipster-worthy string lights.



Wino Forever: Winona Ryder Returns With New Netflix Show

Nothing good comes from watching a lone bike ryder venture into the woods in a movie or TV show set in the ’80s, though there are a lot of great scenes of youthful bike ryders. Ryder. Okay, so yes, we’re describing the new Winona Ryder TV project, which just had a trailer drop, and yes, it features a boy in the ’80s riding his bike into the woods and yes, bad things do happen. But these bad things are definitely stranger things than would normally happen and yes, the name of the TV project is Stranger Things.

Set for release on July 15 (in binge-watching form, of course) Ryder’s foray into the world of Netflix is exactly the kind of ’80s science fiction project that makes us feel like we’re back in the Steven Spielberg section of Hollywood Video, browsing the racks with some Twin Peaks and X Files thrown in for good measure. Set in Hawkins, Indiana, the eight-episode series focuses on the search for Ryder’s son–he goes missing under mysterious circumstances that, of course, get progressively more mysterious.

When the series drops next month, it’ll bring you Ryder in top form as she grapples with supernatural forces, kid bicycle gangs, government experiments, and enough string Christmas lights to appease even the most petulant hipster. Watch the trailer, and then immediately debate whether Super 8 is good enough to check out again. We’re so glad you’re back, lady. Wino forever.

Images via Netflix

Stay tuned to Milk for more bad Ryder puns.

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