Winona Ryder Is The Face of Marc Jacobs Beauty, Gives All Outcasts Hope

Winona Ryder is the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty. But you know that; you and your friends have been up partying since news broke on Marc-y Marc’s Instagram yesterday. Screw finals, and fuck daily obligations like “work” and “calling Mom.” Today is practically a national holiday, because today’s the day that the weird girl/boy/person finally inherits the earth.

You see, this is Winona’s first beauty campaign, which is strange news, considering the fact that she is literally everything. For starters, she gave us the confidence to believe that our tragic Hot Topic phases were totally chic and fashion forward.

giphy (2)
Us during gym class.

When our parents pointed out that fairy shirts on a fourteen year old were lame, when our baby goth facades began to falter under the weight of so much eyeliner, she turned to us and said:

And we could feel our strength returning ten-fold.

She’s every high school outcast who’s too cool for school. And when we fell in love with dumb boys who liked to whisper some psuedo-intellectualisms in our ears, who did we turn to? Who really understood?


And she definitely doesn’t have time for fake friends. 

I got frenemies, got a lot of frenemies.

She’s the queen of quotables, the duchess of “Don’t Care,” and now that she’s officially High Countess of the World, she somehow still manages to be chill about it. In an interview with Allure, Ryder said that she still doesn’t see herself as a beauty icon, noting that, “… not to sound totally clichéd, because I know this has been said far more eloquently by other people, but I do really believe that it comes from the inside. Of course there are beautiful models to look at, but I do feel like it comes from something else, it’s an inner thing.” This is in spite of the fact that she gives some of the most iconic looks ever. If anything, her campaign only solidifies her place as the ultimate person to aspire to. She’s every awkward kid’s final form, the ultimate evolution.


So go forth and pop bottles, all you little freaks. The weekend’s come early.

We’ve never felt so alive.

Images via Instagram, Tumblr, Tom and Lorenzo, and Giphy. 

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