The Wage Gap Is Closing In Only 118 Years! Zomg Progress!

Splendid news, gal pals! After years and yeaaaaars of struggling for equality, all of our prayers have been answered. Thanks to the The WEF’s Global Gender Gap Report, we now know that women will receive pay equal to men in as little as 118 years. The unformed egg and the single sperm floating around in some person’s scrotum, which will one day combine with your genes to become your great, great granddaughter, must be so excited about closing the wage gap. We know ours are!

Towards equal pay, that is!

Wondering what’s to thank for the speedy change? It could be due in part to the worldwide economic melt down of 2008. According to the report, in 2006 men made roughly $11, 351 a year, whereas women only made $6, 117. And now, ten years, men are making $20, 554 a year and women are making $11,102

That’s right. In ten years, we’re just now making as much as men did in 2006. 

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Jack Donaghy is probably thrilled.

Progress sort of slowed down around 2008. While it’s not yet verified, the cause is likely that this was the year when everyone’s savings were suddenly washed away by a perfect storm of tears, poor investments, and poo. It could be that even as the job market has (barely) improved, those in charge still associate women with duties of the domestic and familial sort. Whatever it is, we sure are glad that progress is being made!


Of course, if one would like to speed things juuuust a little–we can’t imagine why–you do have options. According to the WEF, better maternity leave, regulations for workplace discrimination, and available childcare could move things along quite nicely. But hell, things are already moving so fast. We wouldn’t want to incite any sort of actual change now, would we?

Stay tuned for Milk for updates in 118 years.

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