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You Can Definitely Guess Bernie Sanders' Favorite Band

Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders gave an unlikely (yet then again totally likely) endorsement. Phish, he said, is “one of the great bands in this country.” He even went so far as to call Jon Fishman, the drummer for Phish, a “Vermont hero.” And we’d be lying if we said these comments didn’t help paint a more cohesive image of Sanders. It’s easy to imagine him on the campaign trail, nourishing himself with Vermont ice cream staple Ben & Jerry’s “Phish Food,” while bopping along to a comprehensive Phish playlist he made on Spotify—a playlist that would surely include the below songs. 


Sanders jams to this while unwinding at his Vermont farmhouse cabin. Why? Because he’s a low-key, laid-back guy. Except when it comes to flies; like Phish, Sanders prefers to swat them. And while he typically identifies with Phish lyrics, he does have a slight bone to pick with this one: “I told a lie and she got mad. / She wasn’t there when things got bad.” If there’s one thing Sanders refuses to be accused of, it’s a liar. 


“The Line”

Sanders and “The Line” go way back—he knows every word to this song. And he’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel a kinship with this line, “Every shot I’ve taken has led me to this moment since I was four feet high.” In fact, that’s going straight into his mock inauguration speech. 


“46 Days”

Sanders uses this song to pump himself up before the debates. He likes to think the band was referring to Hillary Clinton when they said,“She dug down when they took the town” and “Taste the fear. For the devil’s drawing near.” As the saying goes, there’s nothing like a satan reference to amp you up. 


“Bouncing Around The Room”

Whenever Sanders is hit with ageist accusations, he likes to take solace in this tropical ditty. “My sight was poor / But I was sure / The sirens sang their songs for me,” Phish aptly croons. It reminds the Vermont Senator of the people who love him most: his supporters.


“Down With Disease”

Lately, Sanders has been finding it hard to suppress his anger towards big businesses and unreliable government phonies. Thankfully, Phish is here to help him. Whenever Sanders feels a bout of rage building up, he turns on this song and everything begins to quiet down. “Down with disease and the jungles in my mind / They’re climbing up my waterfalls and swingin’ on my vines,” the song goes. Reminding Sanders once again that Phish just gets him. 


Image by Kathryn Chadason. 

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