Is it dark black, or slightly darker black?



You Can Now Get a Tee in the Darkest Black Ever Made

All black everything has a whole new meaning. Designer Phoebe Hess has teamed up with Viperblack to create a color that is ‘40% darker than the darkest black.’ The German company how found a way to get the darkest black possible for your neo-Goth ensemble using the latest tech in the fashion industry. Can you say ‘3D mesh?’

The company has a Kickstarter up now that has been partially funded for its goal of $11,342. If you weren’t already enticed by the ‘blackest black,’ consider that that they created the color from a fucking viper!

Meet the Gaboon viper – blackest motherfucker on the planet. (There’s science to prove it)

Black has never been more ‘in’ in fashion, and we really shouldn’t have to explain why having the blackest shirt in the history of black shirts is necessary. Now go fund these people.

Be sure to visit their Kickstarter page here

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