Beyoncé may have moved on to Ivy Park, but our House of Deréon dreams live on.



You Forgot About These Celeb Fashion Lines But We Didn't

It seems that once one has achieved stardom of any sort, the sparkling gates to unlimited entrepreneurial possibilities swing wide open for the glamorous elite, revealing an opportunity for even more economic prosperity (because we know how much they need it, right?). Perhaps the most common business venture of the famous few is none other than the celebrity fashion line in all its glory. What makes celebs feel so inclined to pursue fashion production, we can’t be sure, but we do know that athletes, actors, musicians, and the like aren’t afraid to dive into the industry head first. Forget design experience, FIT degrees or impeccable aesthetic—the only prerequisite for the celebrity fashion line is a fat wallet, a household name, and voila, you have yourself a money-making collab with Sears or a collection admirable enough to compete with the Coco Chanels of the world (shout out to The Row).

Everyone knows about Kanye’s Yeezy line and Fenty PUMA by Rihanna, but we bet you forgot about some of the most spectacular celebrity fashion collections from back in the day. Don’t trip—we’re serving up five magnificently memorable celebrity fashion lines because, well, human history mustn’t forget these unbeatable gems. Keep scrolling for some serious sartorial inspiration, with an appropriately star-studded twist.

House of Deréon by Beyoncé and Tina Knowles

Before there was Ivy Park, there was House of Deréon, the fashion brand created by none other than Beyoncé and Tina Knowles. Inspired by Beyonce’s worldly travels, the mother-daughter duo put their heads together to design a collection of clothing that mixed elements of different cultures with glitz for days. Imagine leopard, snakeskin, and tribal prints combined with a whole lot of sparkle, ruffles, and tassels. It’s a bit difficult to imagine Bey sporting such styles nowadays, but House of Deréon will forever have a place in our hearts (maybe just not in our closets).Launch+House+Dereon+Beyonce+Tina+Knowles+MGP30cI9to8lSweetface by Jennifer Lopez

If anything captures the spirit of early 2000s fashion, it’s J. Lo’s fashion line, Sweetface. Intended to be the “urban streetwear spin-off” to her J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez line, the collection of crop tops, plunging blouses, miniskirts, and bold headwear has us longingly reminiscing about our Nokia cell phones and pizza Lunchables. There’s more plaid and faux fur than one could ever dream of, and J.Lo makes a convincing case for lifting the unspoken ban on the fedora hat. sweetfacemfw061026126 by Lindsay Lohan

In 2008, Lindsay Lohan’s brainchild 6126—which gets its name from Marilyn Monroe’s birthday—was born, and what was originally conceived as a collection of edgy leggings eventually went on to become a full-on clothing line. LiLo was ahead of the leggings craze of the 2010s with her many patterned and uniquely cut leggings, but unfortunately, when fashion moved out of the Dark Ages of the 2000’s, 6126 didn’t make it. May it rest in peace.lindsay-lohan-6126-clothes-collection-fw-10Dear by Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes’ 2007 clothing line Dear reminds us of every single outfit worn in High School Musical. There are striped V-neck sweaters and bright layered shirts—the look screams “girl-next-door” and Amanda straight up slays in a khaki miniskirt. The line was discontinued, but we’re petitioning for its revival as soon as the dresses-over-pants look is once again a thing (don’t hold your breath). 980xAbbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne

Ah, Avril. The rebellious, pink-streaked-hair goddess who expressed our millennial angst through moody songs so we didn’t have to. Way back when, Avril established Abbey Dawn, a clothing line that couldn’t capture her punk essence any better. Think little black vests, plenty of zebra print, and hoodies that feature horns. Oh, and hot pink. Plenty of hot pink. Sport this collection (yes, you can still buy it) if you’re into giving off heavy “my parents don’t understand me” vibes.Avril_Lavigne_abbey_dawn_clothing_line-04Images via Getty Images, Elle Magazine, 6126, Paper Magazine, and Abbey Dawn. 

Stay tuned for more revolutionary celebrity fashion lines.

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