According to a recent study, eight patients apparently no longer experienced symptoms of depression by the end of their “mystical and spiritual” journey.



You Might Be Able to Cure Your Depression With Shrooms

Congratulations, non-serious drug users all across the land: it looks like your weekend plans to trip balls could soon be doctor-approved. We’ve already reported on the potentially beneficial impact ketamine can have on depression, but now, according to the Lancet Psychiatry, recent findings from an Imperial College London based study suggests psilocybin mushrooms could be used in small amounts to treat moderate to severe depression as well.

Of a group of 12 who were given psilocybin mushrooms (nine of which had been diagnosed with severe depression, and the remaining three diagnosed with moderate depression), eight patients apparently no longer experienced symptoms of depression by the end of their “mystical and spiritual” journey. Three months later, the number had lowered to an admirable five. The drug seemed to act as a “lubricant for the mind,” assisting the flow of negative thoughts.

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The findings make sense, if you think back to Juliette Lewis in ‘Natural Born Killers.’

But don’t get into the fungi trade just yet. As promising as the results may be, there’s still much more research to be done before you can ask your doctor about the side effects of farm fresh vs. locally grown ‘shrooms. As critics were quick to point out, the study did not include a control group which makes it particularly difficult to measure the veracity of the results. At the same time, administering a placebo for a drug meant to make you experience a six-hour-long hallucinogenic high is…well, not exactly realistic.

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You just can’t fake this shit.

But hey, don’t give up hope just yet. Doctors remain optimistic about hallucinogens and their potential to free the mind through the mystical experiences that they tend to foster. Still, if your depression rolls up in a Rolls Royce and prepares to hit you with that five fingered slap, don’t think that throwing a bit of fungus at it will make it go away. These studies are conducted by doctors, after all. Doctors who have degrees and stuff—many, many degrees. No one knows how to medicate you better.

Stay tuned to milk for more on the benefits of getting high. 

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