You might be familiar with Victoria Beckham's short-lived career as a solo artist, but did you know she dipped her toes into hip-hop and R&B too?



You Need to Listen to Posh Spice's Recently Unearthed Hip-Hop album

As difficult as it may have been to imagine nearly two decades ago, Victoria Beckham has, in recent years, successfully shed any remaining traces of her Posh Spice identity. After the Spice Girls split in 2000, she launched a short-lived career as a solo artist, with singles like “Not Such An Innocent Girl” and “A Mind of Its Own.” Eventually, Beckham found her calling—fashion—and ditched the mic.

The few songs she made as a solo artist were your classic pop “yeah baby, yeah” kind of ditties. But did you know she dipped her toes into hip-hop and R&B too? In fact, she made an entire album in these genres, titled Come Together. The demo was recently auctioned off on eBay and, thankfully, found its way onto the Internet. The titles of tracks range from “DAT simple” and “Baby Boy,” to “Me and You This Time,” and they’re all soooo 2000s.

Take a listen—you won’t regret it.

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Original imagery by Gabi Cossens.

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