Get him pregnant, tell him you gotta run to the store for some milk real quick & never come back.



You'll Love The Feminist Edge of #WasteHisTime2016

For the past couple of days, social media has been abuzz with some good ol’ petty revenge via the #WasteHisTime2016 hashtag. The hashtag–trending on the Holy Trinity of social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter–reflects the behavior of alphamales by shooing away concepts of love, attachment, or feelings, because, as Joe Sixpack knows, “Love’s just a game, brah.”

The advice that runs alongside the hashtag varies from slight annoyances, to Machiavellian betrayals. Unsurprisingly, the Meninists and softboys in the crowd are aghast, failing to recognize the satiric edge that gives this hashtag its bite. Pour yourself a tall glass of Lemon-Lime Hater-ade, as we highlight some of our favorites from #WasteHisTime2016.

Stay tuned to Milk for a lifetime supply of men’s tears.

Feature image courtesy of @PenciledCelebrities.

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