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Your Definitive Guide To Buying Rihanna's Puma Trainers On Friday

You see the shoes in that picture? That is something that you will never have. That is, unless you act fast. At Rihanna‘s NYFW show earlier this month, she gave us a sneak peek at these ridiculously cool sneakers, dubbed the Trainers. Now, they are the first item from her Fenty by Rihanna collection for Puma that will be released to the public, and we are unworthy.

The shoes, Rih’s first original creation for Puma, will be released on the brand’s site and select retailers like Rise on Friday, February 26th. And if you want to snag a pair, you must be prepared. So we created a go-to guide that will help you nab the coveted sneakers no matter how hectic the launch may be.

Log into your account and stay up until midnight EST Thursday night. 

If the release of the Trainers are anything like the launch of her Creepers, the shoes will go live on Puma’s and Rise’s websites, along with other potential e-retailers, at midnight Eastern Time. It is best to be logged in to your accounts on these sites before the launch, or create an account in advance if you do not have one, so you will not have to bother with that pesky task once you’re ready to check out. If possible, insert as much information into your account as possible beforehand so the order can process sooner. Time is shoes, people!

I'm starting to die just thinking about this ordeal.
I’m starting to die just thinking about this ordeal.

Decide what color and size you need before they appear on the site. 

These shoes will sell out fast, and nothing will hurt more than if they sell out while you were still debating which color and size to get. We know it is a life-changing choice, but decide fast or else you may not get your hands on any pair. We’re thinking the shoes are most likely true to size. And they’re available in black, white, and red, but I suggest going for black or red because I will be aiming to get a white pair. It is the least you could do after all the help I am giving you.

She should really go back to the red hair.
She should really go back to the red hair.


There is no telling what could happen at midnight. The site could run smoothly and allow everyone to grab a pair, deeming this guide null and void. Or it may crash harder than Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit launch, thus validating the existence of this guide. Whatever happens, refresh your browser like you’ve never refreshed before, until you see a link for the Trainers. Then act as quickly as the site allows you to. If the site crashes, refresh or start over.

Except if you're going for a white pair.
Unless you are trying to get a white pair.

If you manage to score a pair…

Congratulations! You managed to achieve the virtually impossible. Take pride in the fact that you got what few people could obtain, and that you will be one of the only people in your town rocking the Trainers. Just don’t look at your credit card statement. This is no time for financial remorse.

Where your money is going.
Where your money is going.

If you were not able to grab a pair… 

Whether the shoes sold out quickly, the site crashed one too many times, or the site blocked you because it thought you were a robot, we all know how you feel. Take solace in a playlist teeming with Rihanna’s best ballads, and maybe spend the money you would’ve spent on the Trainers for tickets to her show. Nothing heals more than musical catharsis.

I want you to stay... in the cart so I can buy you.
I want you to stay… in the cart so I can buy you.

And if you just fell asleep too early and missed out completely…

Tyra is always right.
Tyra always says it best.

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Stay tuned to Milk for more Fenty fun.

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