As she peers down from her cool girl throne, Chloë Sevigny looks poised to unleash her iconic wardrobe on plebians everywhere.



Dreams Do Come True: You Might Be Able To Shop Chloë Sevigny's Closet

When we went to yard sales back home, a lucky find was a sweater embroidered by a grandma that didn’t come with a layer of cat hair over it. In New York, the yard sale of the decade—no, the century—looks like it’s about a metric ton of fabric tugging on our heartstrings. The coolest girl in the known universe, Chloë Sevigny, looks to be on the verge of gracing mere mortals with at least a fraction of her massive wardrobe. A mysterious Instagram post has risen up through endless photos of gay guys taking selfies with the puppy snapchat filter and endless captions commanding followers to turn on post notifications so they don’t miss those aforementioned puppy selfies. In the recently deleted photo, posted by stylist and noted member of Sevigny’s cool posse Haley Wollens, Sevigny can be seen browsing through stuffed racks of her own wardrobe accompanied by the heart-stopping caption, “SAVE YOUR LUNCH MONEY, KIDS. Something very major is happening soon in NYC.”

The elusive Instagram. And yes, we’re hoping those are the bunny ears from ‘Gummo’ too.

We’re smiling like idiots at the thought of one day possibly wearing something Sevigny saved from her high school days, which is apparently something that cool girls like Sevigny do. We, on the other hand, have burned away all remnants of our high school wardrobes and most photographic evidence that we existed before our monstrous days of puberty.

As if this all weren’t already enough, the Instagram in question was geotagged in Sevigny’s hometown of Darien, Connecticut—a town that, she said, was integral to her style. “I have an extensive archive in Connecticut and have held on to most of my wardrobe from high school on,” she revealed as we shed a tear at the thought of browsing those racks. “I sometimes unearth things like a pair of jeans, or a sweater, T-shirt or boots, and cycle them back into my everyday wardrobe. Or find an old designer piece I wore to an event and then wear it to a wedding or a party.”

While some of us were being born, Chloe was busy starting her journey to style goddess for a teen magazine appropriately called Sassy.
While some of us were being born, Chloë was busy starting her journey to style goddess for a teen magazine appropriately called Sassy.

As much as we’d like to be like, oh my God same, the truth is most of us wouldn’t be caught dead or alive in our high school wardrobe. Now, however, we may be able to taste the power that Sevigny has held over pop culture since she appeared on the July 1992 cover of teen magazine Sassy. Ever since then, she’s been a fashion icon on and off screens and runways.

Thanks to the grace of some God in a faraway, fabric-filled land of style, Wollens and Sevigny may be gracing us with racks full of pieces that range from X-Girl outfits and Gummo bunny ears to looks by Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton. If you need us, we’ll be selling off our entire wardrobe and writing a letter to our landlord explaining why we won’t be able to pay rent for the next three months—all while keeping one eye on Ms. Wollens and the epic sale she’s cooking up.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on this groundbreaking story.

Images via Sassy Magazine, Please Magazine, and New York Magazine.

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