The unspeakable has finally happened: there is a new rom-com in the works, centered around the kingpin of dating apps, Tinder.



Your Favorite Dating App is Coming to a Theater Near You

It’s only July, but 2016 will forever be known as the year that a racist was nominated for president, a video game became the sole reason for going outdoors, and a movie about Tinder was greenlit. You read that right: Warner Bros. has just purchased the rights for your new favorite rom-com, and it’s called Worst Tinder Date Ever. Not Worst Date Ever, but Worst TINDER Date Ever. There’s a difference. And, like every other rom-come under the sun, this story is that of a date that runs awry, but nevertheless gives rise to the deepest love imaginable.

The Hollywood Reporter even says that there will be some “action elements.” Exciting! Maybe one of them drops his or her iPhone before deciding on a meeting time? Maybe they find a Pikachu in the wild, only to realize they’re out of pokeballs! Oh the woes that may befall the 21st century blind date.

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So intimate. So romantic.

Writers Keith Merryman and David A. Newman are the two responsible for the pitch, having collaborated in the past on Friends With Benefits and Think Like A Man. May I suggest, as long as Merryman and Newman are attempting to capitalize on today’s millennial zeitgeist, that they add some superheroes to the mix? It seems like every other movie that comes out nowadays—Batman this, Antman that—features some sort of comic book action figure, so it only makes sense if they want to compete. Perhaps the antagonist’s supernatural ability can be that he only swipes left?

Seriously, though, if this movie weren’t a rom-com it’d be a horror flick, but who knows? Maybe it’s both! I’m curious as to what Tinder-specific elements they’ll add, and whether this movie is really just one big advertisement or practical joke. Let’s hope the latter.

In the meantime, a lil’ video to get you in the mood.

Stay tuned to Milk for more dating app spin-offs. 

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