A delectable Friday mixtape, courtesy of R&B triple threat A.CHAL.



Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of A.CHAL

Last month, we sat down with Peru-born and LA-based R&B hero A.CHAL, who took us on a wild journey: through his ayahuasca trips (one, in the Amazon rainforest with his dad), his new album ON GAZ, and his standing as a representative for the Latinx community. And though these all sound like serious pursuits (that’s because they are), A.CHAL isn’t immune to good old-fashioned fun, either—in fact, plenty of his music is just that.

All that to say, we’re stoked to have A.CHAL back on Milk turf for a certifiably ~fun~ Friday playlist, in keeping with one of summer’s core tenants: enjoy thyself. Without further ado, peep it below…

Images courtesy of Dan Regan

Stay tuned to Milk for more Friday playlists.

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