From starring in viral comedy skits on the Internet to freestyle rapping, is there anything that Abby Jasmine can't do?



Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Abby Jasmine

If your week has been anything at all like mine, then I know you’re probably looking forward to the weekend with bated breath. We get it, the grind can get pretty rough sometimes. But the next time you’re feeling burnt out, ask yourself—using the wise (and viral) words of rapper Abby Jasmine—but did you die tho?

This week, we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite, rising hip-hop artists, Abby Jasmine in order to deliver a weekend playlist that will fix you up right quick. A Staten Island native, Abby’s been blowing up on social media recently due to her undeniable, freestyle rap prowess, along with her hilarious and unique personality that shines through.

Fresh off the releases of her two new singles (that’s “Dangerous” and “Who Told You” for the uninitiated) that dropped last week, it’s safe to say that Jasmine’s been making moves. On “Who Told You”, Jasmine’s signature style of sing/rap is soft and subdued, and rides the baroque-based beat real smooth. “Dangerous” gives us major Weeknd vibes.

Check out the 26-track playlist that Jasmine has spent all week crafting, featuring some of our favorite musicians of the moment, like Kali Uchis and Migos.

Featured image courtesy of Abby Jasmine

Stay tuned to Milk for more delectable weekend playlists. 

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