Last month Alice explained why her whole life is a "performance art piece," and now she's back, with a dope Friday playlist & brand new vid.



Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Alice Longyu Gao

To call Alice Longyu Gao a “creative” is to sell her short; she’s so much more than the sum of her parts, and what meets the eye (in her own words, her whole life is a “performance art piece”) is just the tip of the iceberg. The best part about this NYC It Girl? She knows herself to the core, and, because of that, never fails to produce wholly original work each and every time.

Last month, we capped our NYFW madness with a dope AF party that Alice DJ-ed, and now she’s back, with an equally dope Friday playlist, plus, a brand new video, premiering exclusively on Peep both here first.

Images courtesy of Voda Gong

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