Kick off the weekend with a dope Friday mix from this twin sister DJ duo.



Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Angel And Dren

If there was ever a pair perfect enough to evoke the term “match made in Heaven,” it’s Angel and Dren; as twin sisters born and raised in New York City, their connection is obvious, and their gravity? Undeniable. It’s this power to evoke and inspire entire audiences that’s powered their careers as DJs thus far, and coupled with inherit spinning skills that rival the talent of collective greats like A$AP Mob (they’ve already checked those infamous Art Basel Cozy Clubhouse parties off their list), this duo might just be unstoppable.

We’re sitting down with the sisters first thing next week for a heart-to-heart you won’t want to miss—but first, tune into this brand-new weekend mix, courtesy of Angel and Dren.  

Image courtesy of Amina Gingold

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