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Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Berhana

This week we sit with Atlanta native and recently LA-based, Berhana; the 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer who is set to release his debut album HAN on October 18th. We met at the Huntington Library to discuss his journey through the music scene and what track he is most excited to release…for Berhana, it changes, but at the moment he’s set on “G2G” produced by Pomo, which features Danny McKinnon on guitar, Kelsey González & Tim Lefev on bass. 

Regarding his album release, he can’t disclose much, but he let us in on a little secret, “One thing to keep in mind for this upcoming project is that the last line on, “Grey Luh”, says,  ‘Copped this one way out to Mexico. Cause you compress my soul and call it love.’ I always wanted my next project to be a continuation of that line.”

Since his 2016 debut single, “Janet,” Berhana has been on the rise; the song paid homage to the original Aunt Vivian of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (played by actress Janet Hubert) and reflected on her controversial replacement of a more light-skinned actress. “My first single came out and it got a really great response right off the bat, then shortly after that I had my first show at a festival in Atlanta, there were these little things that felt like I was skipping steps.” 

After spending 20 years in Atlanta, he decided to move to New York City and study screenwriting. For Berhana, he had been writing music since he was eight years old but started to take it more seriously during his time in college. Soon after he garnered some major recognition at a very early point in his music career after his debut single ‘Grey Luh’ appeared on Donald Glover’s FX show,  Atlanta. After the EP started getting a lot of attention, Berhana started being more thoughtful about the music he was putting out;  above all else, releasing the “right” music was the most important.

“Since I have put that music out, I have been able to work with people I really respect, and ultimately get better as an artist. On the music side, I had a list of people I really wanted to work with and the producer that I worked with a lot on this upcoming record is a guy by the name Pomo. I got to sit with him for a year and really build this thing.”

One of the biggest takeaways from discovering Berhana is the team he has built around him; everyone involved in his work has a deep understanding of his vision as an artist. On the video side, he’s worked with his peers from film school. “Working with those guys and seeing the growth within everyone has been an amazing experience.” 

“I am just excited. It has been years of building, growing and liking new things. I feel like I have grown so much since my debut EP. And now, I get to put out this project to showcase where I am at.”

With his upcoming release, we asked Berhana to curate a playlist of the songs that inspired HAN along with some of his daily go-tos: 


PHOTO ASSISTANT: Jarrett Meilleur

STYLIST: Stephanie Lee

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