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Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Cowgirl Clue

Before she’s off to tour, we got a chance to catch up with Cowgirl Clue, the once before electronic DJ who’s paving her way as the ice princess of glittery synths and pop jams.

Her release of Icebreaker earlier this year includes tracks like “Tainted,” “Icebreaker”, and “A Figure 8” that have an upbeat tempo you just can’t sit down to. Milk sat down with her to chat more about her debut album and her greatest musical influences.

When you first started DJing, did you ever think it would lead to you eventually dropping your own album? Was that a “pinch me” moment for you? 

The evolution felt pretty intuitive, but there was a moment when I was moving around, and both my CDJs / laptop broke so, that was sort of a time when I was like “I think this is a sign I need to start making my own sound.”  In time, after releasing a few singles and a small ep, an album was inevitable ;)

What part of producing Icebreaker did you enjoy the most?

I found most stages of producing Icebreaker to be appealing. The whole album was a self-learning experience as I transitioned from GarageBand to Logic halfway through recording.

Other than the process of writing demos and coming up with bubblegum bass lines, I really like the challenge of mixing and editing the tracks.  If I wrote a part that I loved, I would give it a little spotlight to make it pop. Some of the songs like “Icebreaker” evolved completely from the original demo.

What’s your favorite song off of the album?

“A Figure 8” was hella fun to write. It came pretty naturally and I experimented with new techniques that helped make the song feel personal to me. 

What are your main influences when you’re making music? 

It really depends on the energy I’m feeling. If I’m wanting to make a rave track, I might be inspired by Detroit techno, if I want to make a Drum and Bass song, maybe I would be influenced by an anime soundtrack and if I want to make an esoteric pop track, I am usually influenced by how I wanna try to make it as catchy and easy to dance/pit to.

How would you define your music taste?

It’s super all over the place. I grew up with country music and I got into punk and dance music when I was a teenager. I try to open myself up to most music styles really. Anything with a good melody and the right notes will get my attention for sure.

Set the scene-where do you see your playlist being played?

A cold room with a DJ booth. <3

You’re going on tour later this month, what’s your go-to song to get through any butterflies before going on stage? 

Deee-lite is my default and lately, Meg Thee Stallion has been on a lot but I usually keep it pretty chill before I going on stage.


MAKEUP: Christopher Guild

VIDEO: Aalany Janae



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