In February, we premiered GUMP's "War" track, and now they're back, with a dope AF Friday playlist.



Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of GUMP’s first foray into the land of GUMP came in February, with the exclusive release of their new track “War”. Since then, we’ve been on the edge of our seat awaiting the entire EP, Beer & Wine, of which “War” is the only track they’ve dropped thus far. It almost seems unfair to keep us waiting, but when you consider what the foursome’s addressing (think injustice, politics, and civil rights in an era when all three are constantly challenged), one can understand the pressure, and the hype.

We get it—you want a piece of what this group is serving up, too. The release date of Beer & Wine is slated for sometime later this year; while you wait, get some respite with this dope AF Friday playlist, courtesy of GUMP.

Featured image courtesy of GUMP

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