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Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Jesse Jo Stark

Heartbreak, love, hope; these are the vibes Jesse Jo Stark is providing. Last Summer, we checked in with Stark after she wrapped up tour with Sunflower Bean. Now, after wrapping up a tour with The Heavy and putting out her latest track, Lady Bird, we still want more. We’re in luck, as she’s curated a playlist to hold us over (at least until her new music comes along — Stark confirmed she’s “Workin’ towards gettin’ [her] album finished this lazy summer.”) 

From Roy Orbison to Florence + the Machine, we’ve got you covered. Why are these the perfect tunes to blast while cruising down the PCH (or at least make you feel like you are)? Because “Being at home seems like such a dream to me right now. I’m never in LA anymore,” says Stark, “These songs make me feel like I’m back at home drivin’ my car down some sunny road…I feel sexy and at ease when they sing to me.” And as she puts it, “Every artist on here is powerful as hell…Some are legends already n some will be.”

Featured image courtesy of Cian Moore.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Friday playlists.

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