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Your Weekend Playlist Courtesy of Josie Man

The bold and bubbly Josie Man has created this week’s Weekend Playlist, with a compilation of songs that come directly from her heart. The London- based singer is soon to be on the radar if she isn’t already, with her single “Colours” out right now, and an EP coming February 14th. Josie Man exudes confidence in her music and style and wants her groovy alt-pop tracks to touch people on a most personal level.  

Milk got the scoop about what songs the singer listens to on repeat, and how loud she plays them in her car. From Fleetwood Mac and Bill Withers to Arlo Parks and Easy Life, Man’s eclectic music taste has deep-rooted significance in her life and her music. 

Check out these blast-worthy songs courtesy of the alt-pop princess:  

Can you talk a little bit about the songs you’ve chosen for the playlist? Was it hard to assemble? Or did you have it queued up?

 I had the songs in another playlist and I just took my top 15 out of there.

 Can you talk a little bit about the songs?

 I’ve got “Keep Your Head Up,” which is actually a Tupac song, but this is the Jhené Aiko version, she did like a live one. I love this version because I feel like this song is really powerful. It’s about women, and about how amazing we are, and because she’s a woman, it makes the message feel stronger. I think she’s got a really magical and powerful voice.

And then I picked “Lovely Day” because I love Bill Withers and I think his songwriting is amazing, his songs feel like stories, and they make me feel good but I also love the drums, the bass, and the lyrics. His words make me feel like I’m ready for the day.

 “Dreams” that song is so simple and easy to listen to. My favorite part is the lyrics, they feel honest and the chorus is very catchy and the production, it feels quite old but timeless.

Next one is “Sangria” by Easy Life and Arlo Parks, and the combination of their voices feels iconic. Towards the end, there’s like a little twinkle sound and it’s when Arlo comes in and it literally sounds like- it reminds me of as if an angel is about to enter because her voice is literally like an angel. I love the tone, and the lyrics are very interesting, and I wish it was my song.

“Shea Butter Baby.” This song makes me feel really fit. Haha. It makes me feel so good about myself, it makes me want to dance, her voice is so sweet and I love the really strong beat in it. The lyrics are very clever. That’s what I think about that one.

“Chronic Sunshine.” I love how his voice is quite lazy because it really suits the production of it. It’s really laid back and I love how the drums hold it all together, and how it’s very conversational.

What’s next… “Casio.” This is another simple one, but the voice keeps it really interesting. The bass is really sexy, and it really brings it together and it’s really upbeat and it makes you want to dance.

Then “Peg”. This song reminds me of my boyfriend. He plays it on his guitar all the time, and it’s so cheerful and the lyrics are so random, but I love it. I don’t know where the lyrics came from or what they really mean together, but they work and that’s why I love that one.

“Stuck On You” is a really chilled out song, I just love it. I could sit in the silence and listen to it all day. It feels quite retro as well. It feels like it’s from the 90s.

 Have you always wanted to be a singer? Do you play any instruments?

Yes- well, I’ve always wanted to sing, but I didn’t know if I ever wanted to, or even could do it as a job until I got a bit older. Now that it is my job, I’m like, I can’t believe this is my career, this is the best thing ever.

I also play keyboards and guitar, and I used to play the flute when I was younger.

What’s your writing process like?

So usually, if I’m in with another topliner, I write a little diary entry, and then I’ll pass it to her, and she’ll read it, and then she will highlight parts of it. Then we’ll use those bits and make it into a song, which is really nice because then it’s like things that I’ve actually said. Other times when it’s just a producer and me, they’ll play something on guitar/keys and I’ll just sing along to it. I usually come up with a melody first, and then lyrics just come. I find it easier to do melody first.

Would you say your songs are very personal to you? Where do you find the inspiration?

Yeah, I’d say they’re very personal. I find it hard to write about things that I haven’t experienced. I don’t like when I can’t get the feeling across because I haven’t felt it. So I don’t really write about things that I haven’t been through. They’re mainly about my family and my boyfriend because I love them.

What else are you really passionate about?

I love crystal healing and eating healthily, mindfulness, I just like to be at peace in myself. That’s something that I tell everyone – you can’t shut me up. Whenever someone’s got a problem, I just send them loads of messages about self-love and just manifesting and just being yourself. That’s my main thing.

Do you have any specific memories behind any of the songs you chose? 

Yeah, so actually “Thinking of You,” that song makes me cry like every single time because, when I was younger, my dad had a 40th birthday party and we took loads of pictures, and then my sister made a CD after with all the pictures on it. That song was the background to it, and it makes me so happy that it makes me sad and nostalgic. Seeing my family when they were younger, like all my sisters when we were little, it just makes me feel so happy but sad and that song just reminds me of that time. And it reminds me of my family and how lucky we are.

Where do you see yourself listening to these songs?

Anywhere, but in the car mainly. I listen to my music so loud in the car. I even got pulled over by the police once because they thought I was drunk driving, and I never drink so I was like, “Oh no I don’t drink!” I just wanted to listen to Justin Bieber really loud in my car late at night haha. So yeah, mainly in the car or in my room.

Images Courtesy of Matilda Hill-Jenkins.

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