LeAnn Rimes releases 'Live at Gruene Hall' in honor of Record Store Day.



Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of LeAnn Rimes

Record stores are driven by far more than music memorabilia sales. While vinyl is at the core of the culture, its ecosystem of discovery and devotion manifests in the staff, customers, and artists. To celebrate this community and independence within the music industry, April 13 stands as official Record Store Day.

Milk teamed up with the iconic LeAnn Rimes to curate a playlist around her exclusive vinyl release, Live at Gruene Hall, in honor of Record Store Day. When the Grammy award winner was presented with the opportunity, Rimes explains, “I knew exactly what I wanted to create. These songs are taken from my recent ‘One Voice, No Boundaries’ set list which inspired, [the live record]. Here you’ll find some tracks that have stirred my soul by some of my favorite artists, some of which you’ll find on the new record.” Check out her playlist below, with Rimes’ own song, “Blue”, highlighted above:

Featured image courtesy of LeAnn Rimes

Stay tuned to Milk for more Friday playlists.

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