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Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Maliibu Miitch

Drawing from the sounds of late 90’s and early aughts hip hop, Maliibu Miitch channels her experience growing up in the Bronx into her music. Fresh off of releasing the tracks titled “The Count”, “Gwapaomole”, and “Give Her Some Money”, today she’s teaming up with Milk to bring you this weekend’s playlist—populated with sounds by current female rappers. Her appreciation for the early sounds of female rap has led to an appreciation of the genre’s current releases, and thus, this is one playlist you won’t want to miss.

“These are a few songs that are on my ‘go-to’ playlist right now,” she says. “Female rap is making a comeback. Each of these tracks are my current moods + what I’m currently jamming out to.”

Listen to Maliibu Mitch’s Friday playlist below, and get ready to tune in for the weekend.

Photographer: Elijah Dom

Model: Maliibu Miitch

Makeup: Sage White

Hair: Coree Moreno

Stylist: @cpstyle_

Stay tuned to Milk for more Friday playlists.

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