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Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Niia

Stressful week much? Us too.

If you’ve been needing a weekend in or a night to yourself, put it off no longer — we’ve got the perfect weekend playlist to put you in the mood. Courtesy of one of our fave crooners, Niia, her curated playlist is full of jams that will help you simmer your nights down low and slow. Quiet beats, piano chords, and Niia’s vocals make for the ultimate wine-night. Just imagine yourself soaking in your bathtub, lights turned low, candles lit. Let Niia’s smooth peanut-butter-creamy sound lull you into that perfect relaxed state of mind this weekend. Cancel those plans, leave going out to all the young-ins out there, and treat yourself like the grown-up that you are. Or, just rest up before a crazy Halloween weekend. You deserve it.

Images courtesy of Niia 

Stay tuned to Milk for more weekend playlists. 

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