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Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Rainsford

Synth-pop powerhouse, Rainsford, is the independent artist taking streaming by storm. Based in the city of angels, Rainey Qualley is dedicated to her one craft: making music. Although fashion brands and top houses seek modeling partnerships with the artist, Qualley is determined to solidify her career as a musician. As a writer, producer, and singer, she maximizes her absolute artistic vision through merging heavy synth sounds with R&B strains.

Amidst an 80s influence, Qualley bridges the gap between electronic and pop with an approach of soft-trap. Her latest release, “Passionate”, is a lucid drift through her celestial vocal range accompanied by echoing builds. With an eclectic layering of elements from multiple genres, Qualley creates emotive electronic ballads in the same lane asĀ Banks, HAIM, and CHVRCHES. Check out the artists influencing Rainsford’s sound with her weekend playlist below:

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