On the heels of the release of his new single, "Life", Reece curates a Friday playlist for Milk.



Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Reece

If you’ve spent the last three days binging Reece’s new track, “Life”, you’re not alone. The smooth, alt R&B soon-to-be-hit has been on repeat at Milk HQ, and now we’re celebrating its release—with a curated playlist of the musician’s current faves. Reece says that he wants “people to think about their lives and reflect when they listen to my music.”

“My biggest goal is to make them feel like—even though the songs can be sad—they’re not alone,” he continues. “They can listen to me and feel like they belong.”

That’s a lofty goal, and one we can get behind. “Life” is off of Reece’s new I’m Not Sure Yet EP, coming early 2019. While you wait for that to drop, cop a listen to his Friday playlist below.

Featured image courtesy of Parker Hill

Stay tuned to Milk for more Friday playlists.

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