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Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Salomé Schmuck

After speaking with Brandon Payano from COLORS, it wasn’t long before we were introduced to their Berlin-based studio manager, Salomé Schmuck. Being raised by a hippie, a raver, and MTV, the 26-year-old notes, “There is no music genre that hasn’t been part of my life.” Now, working artists from all over the world, Schmuck has continued to be exposed to both emerging and established talent, ranging from Greentea Peng to Tiwa Savage, across all genres. Whether it’s her effortlessly cool style or ability to tell it like it is, Schmuck has an interesting, well-versed voice in the industry. In honor of Women’s History Month, she’s curated a playlist that tells the story of her life. “I didn’t focus on special artists, I focused more on special songs that reminded me of important situations or emotions in my life (as a woman,)” she explains.

If you’re trying to channel Salomé’s sleepover night with a bottle of wine, listen below:

You’re very embedded in the music culture scene. Tell us about COLORS?

Basically my job at COLORS is a bit of everything, I mainly take care of organizing the upcoming shoots but I also help to develop live events and collaborations. I would call myself kinda like an allrounder and this is also what inspires me the most in my job, as I am part of all processes and can learn different disciplines at the same time. 

What I like most about my job at COLORS is that I am taking an active part in the culture of music, but at the same time, we are having a different approach with our platform. While most of the music industry players focus mainly on the commercialization of an artist and their music we try to give newcomer artists a platform to be seen and obviously heard. Additionally, we include relevant topics that are related to music in order to raise awareness. As I am studying socio-economic communication that’s one of my main interests. My goal is to combine creative work with socially relevant topics since nowadays both can no longer be considered separately.

Who was your favorite performance on COLORS so far, and why?

It’s hard to pick, but my favorite shows last year were probably Koffee or Rema. They’re both super young and they have the power to inspire so many people, especially in their home countries. They really see the purpose of motivating a younger generation and to give something back through their music. Rema was so humble and so smart — he was speaking straight wisdom.

What is your favorite thing about the music scene in Berlin?

Lol. Tough one. To be honest the music scene in Berlin is mainly focused on techno and house music. From my perspective, there is just too much happening in this part of the music scene and nothing that is able to excite me anymore. 

I am a person who is more interested in other genres, in general, that’s why I would love to see more people showing their work, so we don’t only have five rappers in the city ;-).

You designed this playlist keeping in mind Women’s History Month — which artists did you choose and why?

I had to change the playlist a few times tbh and now it contains a whole girl’s life, my life. It goes from love to sex to heartache to everyday problems. I think that when it comes to the topic of gender, the male perspective should not be left out either, because it should always be about being together and not about being separated. That’s why BEAM and Santi, for example, have found their place in the playlist. I have also added songs that remind me of my mum and my stepmother because both have influenced my life and my taste in music. 

I didn’t focus on special artists, I focused more on special songs that reminded me of important situations or emotions in my life (as a woman.) 

Looking at the lyrics of most of the songs it should make you think that no matter in which genre and in which time the themes have hardly changed and this although we live in a supposedly enlightened and equal society. 

So shout out to Summer Walker who brings up female pleasure and self-love just as Tweet did in 2002, in an urban music world full of men.

Set the scene – where do you imagine this playlist going off? / What’s the mood?

Sleepover night with my girls having a bottle of wine or two. 

What’s a “good song” in your book? 

A song just needs to catch me somehow. I know it’s a good song if I wanna play it all over and over again. I literally listen to some songs a million times in a row. It’s not that I check every single detail of the composition, I rather catch the general vibe or mood of the song. 

What are the traits of a promising artist?

I wish I could say it’s about being talented and unique (which I personally think is most important,) but honestly from what I see it’s more about who you know or what you look like. 

Any advice for people looking to take the music industry path?

Put your energy into your own projects instead of trying to please the mainstream. That’s my advice for every work path you want to take because in the end it’s your life and you should be happy and satisfied with what you do every day!

How would you define your music taste? What have been the main influences?

Having young parents (a raver girl and a hippie) and watching MTV at the age of six was the main influence of my music taste. My mum used to buy me every maxi CD I wanted to have, so Butterfly from Crazy Town was the first one. Sums it all up.

There is no music genre that hasn’t been part of my life. 

People say your personality is becoming stable in your mid-twenties, I guess this is also the case for your music taste: A melancholic Hip-Hop lover.

What are your goals for 2020?

Finishing my studies, sitting by the sea in South France, and enjoying life to the fullest.

Images Courtesy of Sina Lesnik.

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