A delectable Friday playlist from singer-songwriter Troi Irons.



Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Troi Irons

A few months ago, Troi Irons dropped the ANTIHERO album. We haven’t been the same since. A sultry and oftentimes dark performer who embodies the ever-shifting essence of indie rock n’ roll, Irons delivered a record that spoke to our souls. She’s here, and she’s got something to say. And what better way to celebrate than with a playlist that further showcases her sources of inspiration and creative fuel.

“I curated my weekend playlist with a collection songs that I produced or wish I produced,” she says. “The musicians and engineers behind all these records are master storytellers and mood movers. From the analog funk of Arcade Fire to the swelling refrain of “We’re All Gonna Die” in the Sufjan Stevens cut, there’s a great combination of technique and instinct here.”

If you haven’t listened to ANTIHERO yet, you’re sleeping. Cop a listen and then tune into Irons’ playlist below, curated exclusively for Milk.

Featured image courtesy of Troi Irons

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