A delectable Friday mix full of favorite tracks from Stephen Swartz.



Your Weekend Playlist, Stephen Swartz

Stephen Swartz‘s first ever electronic track went viral with zero promotion. His road to success was quick, but not quite what he had hoped. This prompted him to relocate to a remote cabin in Joshua Tree for months. There, Swartz’s artistry was reborn; he changed up his sound and utilized his musicianship as a healing tool to remind his audience about the beauty of life, the importance of presence, and the empowering and unique characteristics we all possess.

Now, with a freshly re-empowered sound up his sleeve, Swartz is here to gift us with the perfect start to the weekend: a Friday playlist stacked with all his favorite tunes.

“I just smoked a J with Woody Harrelson right before putting this playlist together. I thought maybe I would tailor this to a specific vibe, but as I scrolled through my saved songs, I couldn’t help but just pick my absolute favorites. Every song on this playlist has at some point brought more emotion, love and clarity to my life. My intention is to share this feeling with you. Enjoy.

Listen below, and stay tuned to Milk for more from Stephen Swartz.

Featured image courtesy of Kit & Clay

Stay tuned to Milk for more Friday playlists. 

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