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Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of RALPH

Rising Toronto star RALPH is an alternative pop, synth-laden dream. With chill-girl vocals and a look all her own, she’s on the fast track to break into the mainstream. After releasing her self-titled EP and growing a fan base in the US, she’s back with a new summery single titled “Girl Next Door” off of her upcoming debut album. It features fellow Torontonian TOBi, whose rap lyrics call to mind a nostalgic suburban landscape and young love.

For her next venture, RALPH will be curating a live show in Ontario for Club Land with some of her favorite Toronto artists, and we’re previewing the night with this weekend’s playlist. Take a listen to discover Toronto’s next-big-things, and check out the new lyric video for “Girl Next Door feat. TOBi” below.

“There are so many artists from Toronto that I admire and love right now. For my Club Land series on June 10th, my line up is Jonah Yano & Tylor Jay Santos, Garcons, Loony, Hoodlem and Tobi. Jonah and Tylor are two guys I’ve seen around town who I just reached out to via DM. They’re both super cool and do singer/songwriter-y stuff, which I really appreciate, there’s a lot of feeling in their songs. Garcons popped up on my radar recently and I’m super excited about them, I’m not sure I can compare them to anyone else in Toronto – maybe like Outkast meets Solange meets Caribbean music. Loony is this jazzy, soulful young gal that just popped up, her sound is beautiful. Hoodlem I’ve known for awhile, we met through the Toronto scene of women in music, and she’s a boss – she recently sang back ups for me during an acoustic set and she nails vocals. Lastly, TOBi, a wizard of words and falsetto notes. Not only is he an incredibly kind human but he’s also talented as f*ck, I feel very lucky to have collaborated with him on our track ‘Girl Next Door.’ All the others on my playlist are artists that I think are gonna pop off in the next year, if you don’t know them….get to know them.”

Image courtesy of Pat O’Rourke.

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