Inspired by WALL's new LP, out today on Wharf Cat Records.



Your Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of Vanessa Gomez

Vanessa Gomez (and her band, WALL) are no strangers to turbulent times (for once, that’s not a political reference). After experiencing huge success from the get-go, the band, who hit such markers as selling out Union Pool, showcasing at SXSW, and selling out their EP before it even hit the shelves, they broke up. Ouch.

Little did we know, that wasn’t quite the end of the story. Almost exactly a year later, WALL is back, releasing their first and last LP on Wharf Cat Records, titled Untitled. And yes, we’re celebrating accordingly. First up? This dope Friday playlist from WALL drummer Vanessa Gomez. Full of tracks that inspired the record, this one’s not to be missed. Check it below.

Images courtesy of James Ridley

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