Yesterday we brought you a lovely interview with New York's favorite DJ, Jubilee. And today she's back, bringing us a delectable Friday playlist.



Your Wknd Playlist, Courtesy of NYC-Based DJ Jubilee

In case you haven’t heard, we’re pretty taken with the NYC-based DJ Jubilee. When asked what music inspires her most, the girl lists off basically a who’s who of the most iconic groups and musicians in history, giving us a glimpse into her eclectic, abundantly superior taste. Yes, she loves 2 Live Crew, but she also loves “Madonna from back in the day,” Selena, and Gloria Estefan, and this is precisely why we love her.

Well that, and the fact that she also speaks with the utmost eloquence and erudition on topics ranging from feminism to what the music industry is lacking. “Nobody really wants to take on a new project right now unless it’s guaranteed to make them money,” she told us a couple weeks ago when she swung by Milk for a little chat in the Milk Digital Bar. “People aren’t really doing artist development anymore and it’s starting to show.” What the industry could use, she told us, is more “younger kids and more diverse kids that are actually on top of it and know what they’re doing, and [these companies need] to actually listen to them.” (You can read the full interview here.)

And now, Jubilee is back, gracing us with a lovely Friday playlist. Because it’s the end of the week, and if don’t want to lift a finger, even if it means to play good music, you shouldn’t have to.

Photo by Squid Stills.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Friday playlists.

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