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Zanna and Georgie's Essential How-To Videos For All Your Makeup Needs

With makeup, it can be hard to know exactly what to do. We’re given palettes and creams and various tools, all without much instruction. And while we should feel free to use makeup however we want (lip gloss for eyes! blush for lips!), it can be nice to know how to put a look together, from start to finish. So Milk Makeup made a series of how-to videos, all designed around fresh, modern, easy looks. Check out the favorites from our guest editors, Zanna and Georgie, below.


Georgie: This is our get-ready-in-three-minutes, everyday Milk Girl look, brought to you by Saada Ahmed, a true NYC badass who also happens to be the cutest human in the world. I love how she dabs on just a touch of our lip color to get a nice but not “done up” shade. 


Zanna: Atomic is that smoky, very glam look. Samantha Urbani was the perfect person to do this. The key product in this is the eye vinyl, which is one of my favorite products in the line. It’s something we’ve been trying to make on set for years. I’ve never had a product like this, that can do a smokey eye in a swipe.

Astro Boi

Georgie: The thing about Thistle Brown is that he is as cool and special as he looks, and he is constantly turning life into a dance party. So we gave him our modern-day, Bowie-inspired going out look. 


Zanna: It’s inspired by a kind of sixties feel for today. The Cooling Water is the key thing here, with caffeine designed to de-puff. I love that it’s been put into a how-to video, as it’s no bullshit: we’ve all been tired, we’ve all been groggy, we’ve all been hungover. For me, it’s inspiring to see liner in the crease of the eye like that. It’s something that you never think to do, but it’s also not too crazy.


Georgie: This is our downtown, club kid look brought to you by the hilariously chill, old soul, and freakishly beautiful Sahara Lin. We could watch videos of her all day. 


Zanna: I love Dayna, our model, more than anything on the planet. She really speaks to this girl I look at, whether I’m in a meeting, in a studio, or on the street, who has amazing skin with no makeup on. So Gender is perfect for that no-makeup makeup look. It’s simple, stark beauty. Dayna uses the Matte Bronzer in this, and I’ve said that we can never discontinue this product. I’m addicted to it, and I have been ever since it was a sample.


Georgie: Model Emily Bador, one of my original muses for Milk Makeup, teaches us how to look healthy and psyched on life. This look works even better with freckles.


Zanna: Theater shows how powerful and how playful makeup can be. It’s risky, and we’re not telling people that they need to paint their eyebrows blue before they go out. But they can if they want to! The bottom line is that we want to inspire girls to do something different.


Georgie: Dot is inspired by Chloë Sevigny’s character in Gummo, who is weird in all the right ways. Model Katie Moore naturally has that super pale coloring that reminded us of Chloe’s bleached brows in the film. Sometimes you really do only need one lil’ accent to get a look. 

Zanna: This is super spirited. It’s something a little bit off, but something you really want to look at. And it’s also easy; it’s different, but you could do it at home. It’s really shaking up the way we think about doing eye shadow and eyeliner. I think it’s a bit tomboy as well; simple and eye-catching.

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