Anouk Colantoni

I am a UK-born, Australian artist living in New York City.

I create visual commentaries through illustration, painting and writing.

I come from the world of fashion editorial (VOGUE & Harper’s BAZAAR) and I changed tack because I felt limited by commercial constraints in fashion, so my art is a way to break away. I seek to touch on topics that I hadn’t been able to before in such depth, and share sneak peek’s on my reality that is at once humorous, shocking, subtle and sexy – to be able to seduce the mind and eye simultaneously.

There is always a very strong sense of eroticism that flows through my work – dark, sexy and always a little shocking. I say the things that are not always pretty with an image that is fun and naughty.

There is an explosive energy in the freehand line. Emotions can be found in an unexpected choice of color that, when applied to a portrait changes what our eye sees to what is really being said in that situation.

My images always have a sensitive humor to them, on any subject matter – politics, love, life and death, loss and our constantly changing selves. We are complex. We exist in the collision of two world’s today: a world of eternal stimuli that we all interpret as reality, and at the same time, somewhere where your imagination, emotions and history give you another place to exist in pleasure and comfort.

My biggest inspiration is New York City – it’s inhabitants, the mundane and morose that makes up the magnificence of living in this crazy town.

Yolanda Lafayette is the best friend you could have in this town – wildly honest, flirty, funny and bloody fabulous!

Anouk's Stories


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