Cara Stricker

Stricker is an Australian multi- disciplinary artist, director and musician, currently residing in Los Angeles and New York. Growing up in Australia whilst training as a Dancer and Musician throughout her adolescence, Stricker moved into studying film and photography at UTS Sydney, graduating in 2010 with a degree in Film and Bachelor of Arts. Focusing on a very intimate setting capturing those around her, Cara has always been inspired and moved to explore the nature and collaborations within the artistic environment that she is set within.

Cara’s works have been published internationally including Dazed and Confused, New York Times, Nowness, Interview Magazine Oyster, US Vogue, Rolling Stone, 25 Magazine while collaborations include Chanel, Terrible Records, Purple Magazine, GAP, FOOLS GOLD, XL Records, Mexican Summer Records, Siberian Records, Jorge Elbrecht, Caroline Polachek, with her films exhibited and awarded internationally. Her most recent solo shows exhibited at the Hole NYC in the past two years year, including visual sound collaborations with Boots, Roger O’Donnell (the Cure), and earlier this year, travelled and performed her collaborative video music instillations in Australia, New York City and Los Angeles alongside John Kirby, including Sugar Mountain Festival in Melbourne.

After working with John Kirby of Sebastian Tellier on a project simply known as DROOL, Cara Stricker enlisted the help of Madeline O’Moore, Kate Silver and Margot to bring the experimental and industrial soundscape they’d created to life. Bringing the act to fruition on stage by a female legion of tranquility has propelled DROOL’s Electronica into a living, breathing realm of sonic exploration and pleasure.

Released on Terrible Records, DROOL’s self-titled audio-visual album comes in a one-of-a-kind cassette tape, which contains a poem and password for listeners seeking out the album’s filmed portions.

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