Chris Thomas

Now that Chris has escaped from higher education with degrees in Political Science and Peace & Justice Studies, he’s decided to write about pop culture instead. He’s currently in a soft panic about the realization that he is now in his mid-20s and should probably stop ordering ice cream from Seamless at 2AM. Blessed with the skin tone of printer paper and a knack for writing about his often-disastrous love life, this OG Las Vegas native is still trying to understand whether getting told he looked like Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking is an insult or a compliment. When he’s not figuring out how to stop leaving parties at 5AM or scratching his cornea with misplaced glitter, he’s coming up with the caustic and cool pseudonym “jaggedanus” on Instagram and sliding into the DMs to connect with artists or find his next lover. 

Chris's Stories

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