Kathryn Chadason

Three years after graduating from Parsons with a highly desirable major in Fine Arts, Kathryn is still trying to figure out why the arts are just fine. After co-founding a gallery space called AMO Studios in LES, she caught her big break when someone who didn’t know she’d never done graphic design asked her to be the graphic designer for a Miami music festival—which is pretty lit. After a crash course in design and one too many travel-size tequilas on the airplane there, she spent some time fist bumping, wearing neon sunglasses, and making flyers for the sleazy clubs your grandma warned you about.

After finishing every season of Dexter, this young phenom returned to New York and graduated to the prestigious title of multi-disciplinary artist. She picked up odd jobs doing band visuals, created a fake DJ persona, and learned to craft the perfect Seamless order before landing at Milk. Lately, she’s been starting her own clothing line and creating club banger video remixes of Russian belly dancers and sweaty boiler room dancers while spooning her life-sized teddy bear and falling asleep in bed next to her takeout Thai food. Oh yeah, and she tried and failed to start a sweatsuit revolution called Sweatcore, but hopes are still high for 2016.

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