Paul Bui

Paul got his start in media as a 15 year-old raver in his hometown of Canberra, Australia. He would sneak out and dance all night to touring Detroit Techno DJs, writing about it afterwards for the local street press. These days, Paul feels much more removed from the current EDM scene, and prefers listening to old sad boy staples like the The Cure and The Smiths.

Before moving to NYC and editing Milk, Paul ran Oyster Magazine as its Editor-in-Chief for over 5 years, launching Oyster online. Shortly after, he worked as a fashion editor for RUSSH magazine and contributed to Dazed, Interview, and i-D. One of his fav moments was styling Laverne Cox for a shoot and watching her break out into a spontaneous yet perfectly choreographed routine to a Beyoncé medley. It was magic.

He’s always had a soft spot for indie publishing. Oh, and like his colleague Jocelyn, he’s obsessed with Law & Order SVU

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