Rachel Hodin

Rachel grew up in New York City—although she identifies less with Gossip Girl, and more with Miranda Hobbs when her Chinese food take-out lady made her insecure. Now she lives in Brooklyn, where she tries to dodge proselytizing herbivores. Her writing has appeared in such publications as the New York Observer, Suited Magazine, Into The Gloss, i-D, and the Opening Ceremony blog. She edited the first issue of The Printed Dog, and once wrote a fun investigative story about Brooklyn’s porn industry.

Prior to joining the editorial team at Milk, she was writing and editing for Thought Catalog, where she published a book with no back or spine (re: e-book) and incidentally became kind of Twitter famous (no need to fact check). Rachel’s a great editor and she knows it—mostly because her mom endorsed her for that skill on LinkedIn. She enjoys Scandal, being the best at eBay, reading about Scientologists, and shavasana—and, like Rob Kardashian, suffers from mild social anxiety. If she had to guess, her chakras are misaligned.

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