Step Inside This Scene Queen Bachelorette Pad

Danielle Greco and Amy Lombard are young, successful, and best friends. Greco is a buyer at VFiles and seemingly serves as the face of the company; she hosts a number of their web series, where she does everything from talking clothes, interviewing musicians, and judging fake reality tv competitions. She’s hilarious, famous for a gloriously thick Philly accent and her horror-core style. Lombard is a freelance photographer, who works for everyone from the New York Times to Broadly to Barneys. She’s photographed circus performers, the denizens of Nevada’s infamous Bunny Ranch, and many, many celebrities, including our personal favorite, Paris Hilton.

Greco and Lombard have lived together for the past eight years. They’re closer to sisters than friends, more so common-law married. They even share a dog, Sasha, who Lombard bought on sale (people get mad that they didn’t rescue, but she fell in love with the pup). In this photo series, they took us inside their shared apartment. (Lombard took most of the photos, but Greco told us she helped). Then, over waffles and bacon at a Greenpoint diner, we talked about their longtime friendship, careers, and lots and lots of reality TV.

From L-R: Amy Lombard, Danielle Greco, Sasha

Amy: We met on Myspace, when we were like 17. She added me because she liked my hair.

Danielle: Amy was scene.

Amy: Yeah, I was scene. We both were.

Danielle: But, I still am. Amy’s not anymore.

Amy: I normalized out around the age of 16.

Danielle: So, we both tried to just like talk every now and then. And then…

Amy: We would respond to each other’s bulletins about The Hills and Justin Bobby, but then we both went to FIT. I didn’t know anyone, so I was like, “I know this is weird, but would you want to be my roommate?” And then, we lived together for eight years.

Danielle: We are legally married actually. Thank God, I don’t have any assets other than Moschino.

Amy: I feel like we’re sisters at this point.

Danielle: Amy does all the cleaning. She’s the mom; I’m the dad.

Amy: I make sure everything is working all right. If this was Danielle’s apartment, none of the lights would be on.

Danielle: I would light the whole apartment with candles, and the lights wouldn’t be on. We wouldn’t have heat. If the heat goes out, you just bundle up. That’s it. I’ll help Amy clean if I see her doing it for over 20 minutes. I’ll jump in.

Amy: She also doesn’t know how to clean. She’s one of those people who would move the mop on the floor, but not really clean.

Danielle: I’ll put a rag on the floor and use my foot. I’m not very domestic.

Amy: Well, I’m not domestic either, but I clean the apartment.

Danielle: That’s the most of Amy being domestic, because she can’t cook. She just puts ketchup on everything.

Amy: Our fridge is really sad.

Danielle: Amy decorates too. The only time I said anything was, “I don’t know if we need this paparazzi photo of Kendall [Jenner] and Gigi [Hadid] on our wall.” And that’s the one time I’ve ever said anything. But we’re leaving it obviously.

Amy: Yes, it’s obviously staying up.

Danielle: When we’re home together, we watch a lot of bad TV. We just started watching Vanderpump Rules. I like The Only Way Is Essex. All of it looks like trashy reality TV, but there’s a lot of humor in it!

Amy: I haven’t been watching as much lately. I was in L.A., Vegas, and back to L.A. two weeks ago. I shot the dancers from “The Thunder Down Under.” I did a story on Cirque du Soleil, which I had never been to before in my life. It’s crazy because a lot of them come from circus families, and it was fascinating to see relatives twirling each other around, stuck in the air.

Danielle: Our schedules are so hectic that we don’t have a social life, so every night we chill. We bond over TV.

Amy: And the dog. But the thing is we do come up with movie ideas. We’ve been doing this since we were like a freshman in college.

Danielle: I mentioned it in an interview thing that I wanted to make a movie called What Bitch? And everyone went crazy. Everyone wants it happen. I get questions about it all the time.

Amy: She never mentioned me. She’s like, “This is my film, da, da, da, da.” I was like, “Hold up, but we did this in our dorm room.”

Danielle: I take credit for everything.

“Oh, we could probably get paid by a dude to be our personal assistant and get a submissive partner off of the Internet.”

Danielle: Well, now, we have new movie, but it’s a joint idea, so I had Amy pitch it.

Amy: It’s called Submissive Assistant.

Danielle: Me and Amy both were joking around how we want a personal assistant.

Amy: And then I was like, “Oh, we could probably get paid by a dude to be our personal assistant and get a submissive partner off of the Internet.”

Danielle: It’s dom shit, but the thing is, we don’t really need to do anything. They’ll stay in a cage in the living room, but the whole joke of the show is that he wants to be walked, but instead we have him in a goofy outfit walking our Pomeranian.

Amy: It’s going to be a hit. Someone’s probably going to steal the idea for it. But if they do, we’ve been through all the ups and downs together anyway. We pushed each other along the way before.

Danielle: The thing with Amy is for a long time, she didn’t like to maybe be happy for herself or her accomplishments, so I would be like, “Push your shit. Like brag.” That’s your shit. You should definitely do that.

Amy: People were mean to me.

Danielle: People were mean to her about it. She was getting attacked about her work in college.

Amy: People were awful to me about it.

Danielle: They were snobby, which you never were. I think for a while that kept you from being proud of your accomplishments.

Amy: I think so too.

Danielle: But that has changed definitely.

Danielle: We kind of did that together too. I think we work with each other on it.

Amy: I think so.

Danielle: We’re an unlikely friendship. We don’t have the same style at all. I stayed true to my scene roots. Amy abandoned them.

Amy: I’m so sorry.

Danielle: She just completely abandoned the ship. She jumped ship.

Amy: I did. I jumped ships. Marcia Brady is my style icon. I’m not like not her [Danielle] anymore.

Danielle: Don’t point at me.

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