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About Last Night: This Generation x The Wing

Tuesday night, we gathered at The Wing Soho, alongside a sea of attendees for This Generation‘s first panel. Founded by Tate VanderPoel Smith in 2015, the platform is dedicated to highlighting the different paths one can take in fashion, beauty, music, and film. The enthusiasm surrounding Tuesday night’s event only speaks to the vast, but often pushed aside need, that the site was born to address.

TG’s Editorial Director, Ella Jayes, lead a panel with four women who represent the platform’s focus: Vogue’s Senior Producer Danielle Gruberger, beauty partnership consultant Chelsea March, Paradigm’s leading electronic music Booking Agent Meryl Luzzi, and Hattie Taylor who manages a variety of projects in the film industry.

Experts in their fields, these women were able to relate to the audience in a refreshing way—they, too, started out in a similar landscape to today’s industry. Each panelist presented a crash course related to their career that was filled with all of the practical advice you wish you got in school. With a hefty turnout and an impressive first venue (past speakers of The Wing SoHo include Jennifer Lopez and Hillary Clinton), we are looking forward to seeing what’s next for This Generation. When asked about what’s in store for 2020, the 24-year-old founder says to, “Expect big things. We are in early talks at the moment and are excited to explore what’s next. Our main focus is to keep growing and expanding to make everyone’s time well spent.”

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Stay tuned to Milk for more events happening in NYC.

Hattie Taylor + Tate VanderPoel Smith, Chelsea March, Meryl Luzzi

Ella Jayes, Hattie Taylor, Danielle Gruberger

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