Alexandra Marzella Takes On Chinatown, Shot by Maya Fuhr

Discount dress; Dolce & Gabbana shoes; Wolford socks

When shooting a fashion editorial requiring a lot of movement throughout a rowdy neighborhood like Chinatown, there was no better choice for a model than Alexandra Marzella. Marzella, aka Rosey Diamond, is the ultimate performance artist for the selfie generation. Her work is fearless and open, with her most famous performance involving being filmed naked and crying at a Petra Collins show at Art Basel Miami. “There’s definitely something about being naked and wet and writhing in front of a bunch of people that feels right and proactive,” she said. 

The Brooklyn-based 25 year-old is also a model, a dancer, and a prolific Instagrammer under the account artits6666, which has been deleted by the app at least fourteen times (#freethenipple). Her work focuses on the physical, playing with the idea of the nude selfie — she has even been called a “social media Venus de Milo.”

Moses Gauntlett Cheng cape; Calvin Klein underwear; Dolce & Gabbana shoes; Wolford Socks

A true Internet star, Marzella appeared in CK One’s massive Instagram personality-focused 20th anniversary campaign. But while the fame and the modeling is all fine and dandy, Alexandra is still a true artist and dancer, and was recently featured in two movement pieces: Sigrid Lauren’s “nike, Dead Daddy Dog,” of which Marzella said, “it felt like being a part of a whole that is also whole itself;” and Monica Mirabile’s “A Ghost Story.” Lauren and Mirabile are co-founders of radical dance collective Fluct, and have also formed a space called Otion Front. Marzella will be opening the first Otion Front show at this year’s Miami Basel, and as she says, “those humans keep me alive.”

Alexandra clearly possesses a “performative nature,” and in addition to highly ambitious career plans (books, a traveling show, movies, etc.), she wants to “eliminate the y-chromosome from human DNA.” We support this endeavor, and look forward to seeing what other evils she might wish to rid from the world.

(L) Moses Gauntlett Cheng cape; Calvin Klein underwear (R) Vejas dress; Eckhaus Latta shoes; Moses Gauntlett Cheng choker

Julia Seeman top; Andrea Jiapei Li shorts

AREA dress and shoes

Photographer: Maya Fuhr

Stylist: Hali Christou

Makeup: Miguel Lledo 

Photo Assistant: Anastasia Patellis

Stylist’s Assistant: Sonia Bruinooge

Producers: Dalya Benor and Jocelyn Silver

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