ATL's Finest, Bosco and Speakerfoxxx, Drop a Dance-Ready Track [Premiere]

“We want the whole thing to feel like a giant dance party,” says Speakerfoxxx of the collaborative mixtape she recorded with fellow ATL-artist Bosco, a project they’ve dubbed Girls in the Yard. Judging from their second single, “Shooter,” premiering here on Milk today, they’ve provided a soundtrack that would get any party poppin’ off. “We wanted it just be about having a good time, dancing with your crew, and looking good while doing so.”

Bosco, an experimental R&B artist, and Speakerfoxxx, a heavy-hitting DJ, go way, way back. They met in Atlanta nearly ten years ago after being introduced through a mutual friend who asked them to collaborate on a photo shoot. “There was an instant connection, we had a lot of similarities,” Bosco remembers. “Her spirit and her vibe were very familiar, and I just felt comfortable around her.” And though the shoot never came to fruition, they quickly became best friends, supporting each other as artists both making a name for themselves in their respective scenes. “Sometimes women can be territorial in the music world, but we completely welcomed each other,” Bosco adds.

Recording the entire project at Atlanta’s iconic Stankonia Studioswhere Outkast recorded some of their biggest hits, “Shooter” was the very first track they laid down. “There was a sign above the door that said ‘Bad to the Bone,’ and I just started singing a melody that felt like it fell from the sky,” Bosco says. “And then Speakerfoxxx started writing lyrics and that’s when the hook came, and it just flowed.” A thumping anthem that combines hip hop, house, and reggae sounds, delivered straight to your speaker. You’ll want to turn this one up, loud.

We caught up with the dynamite duo to get the lowdown on the mixtape, pushing each other outside their comfort zones, and coming up together in Atlanta’s thriving musical community.

I know that you have been friends for a long time, how did you meet?

Speakerfoxxx: I got put onto Bosco’s music just before we met and was a fan. Our friend Chili O, a talented designer and creative in Atlanta, was working on a photo shoot and asked us to work on the project because we’re both into fashion and very visual. We hung out that first day, and then again the day after, and the next day too—we became instant friends.

Bosco: Yeah, the first day I went to her house, and I feel like I can really get someone’s personality from their house and their music selection. And so much of what she was into was similar to my own aesthetic—from fashion books to graffiti and hip hop culture. There were a lot of parallels and we just hit it off.

It’s so cool when you feel that immediate connection with someone.

Bosco: Yeah, I think especially with women in the music and creative industries. We’re both strong, independent women, but also very giving. We completely welcomed each other into our respective scenes, and I think that can be really hard to find.

After knowing each other for so long, what prompted you to finally collaborate?

Speakerfoxxx: I was supposed to go to Dubai with Master P for a few months over the holidays, he was set to curate a bunch of nights at this club there. But the deal ended up falling through, so I had all this time and Bosco happened to be home. It all just happened very organically.

Bosco: And I had been thinking about making a mixtape, it was something I’d always wanted to do and I felt like it was the missing component of my music. So we were just vibing one day and I said we should make a mixtape and she just said okay.


“A lot of times I’m working with a lot of men, and they don’t necessarily encourage women to be strong or boss up or be dominant. But she did.”

It’s great when things just work out like that, like the stars align.

Bosco: Honestly the entire process felt like that. We had always wanted to work together, but we were both learning and growing on our own.

Speakerfoxxx: Establishing our own brands and sounds.

Bosco: And now we were both at this point where we were a bit more established, we’d figured out who we were as artists. It felt like the perfect time. With the whole project, it was like the universe gave us a gift.

Did you have an idea, musically, of what you wanted it to sound like?

Speakerfoxxx: Working as the executive producer, I wanted to show a different side of Bosco’s sound. She kills the soulful R&B and house vibe, but I wanted to display a stronger, louder, more attention-grabbing sound. I’ve heard her in that realm before, and I wanted to bring that to light. We really balance each other out—it’s like the yin and yang, if that makes sense.

Definitely, a mix of the softer and more hard-hitting sounds that you guys both bring to the table. Was there anything that surprised you working with each other throughout the process?

Bosco: I was just surprised by how fast we were able to write songs and the chemistry. I was really inspired by Speakerfoxxx’s lyrics content. She was able to think of things that I might not normally say, or say them in a different way. I can be a little safe in my music, and she pushed me to be a little more in your face. I would never have been able to do that without having her strong, feminine energy to bring that out. A lot of times I’m working with a lot of men, and they don’t necessarily encourage women to be strong or boss up or be dominant. But she did.

Speakerfoxxx: It’s not really surprising, but I was just so happy the entire time we were working on this project—I’d found a new outlet. As a DJ I’m learning more about original production, but it’s been years since I’d written music. Growing up, I was in punk rock bands and would write a lot of music for that. But working with Bosco, she taught me importance of finding balance, that it doesn’t always have to go hard. I think that’s been really important for me overall as a musician.

Bosco: Literally the yin and yang, it describes this whole project.

That can be your guys’ symbol.

Speakerfoxxx: [laughs] Seriously, shout out to the ‘90s.

Having both come up the scene in Atlanta, how has that influenced you?

Speakerfoxxx: Even though Atlanta is a big city, the music community here is very close and tight-knit. There are a lot of musical trends that happen here that don’t even make it out to mainstream. But it’s really special because we all inspire and support one another, and I think that’s what this mixtape represents. Especially getting Mr. 2-17, who is one of my favorite emerging producers right now, to work on several of the tracks including “Shooter”—that was really exciting. It was all about artists from different genres and backgrounds combining forces. Bosco, do you have anything to add to that?

Bosco: Nope, I think you killed it.

Girls in the Yard is out via Fool’s Gold on April 11th. Pre-order the mixtape here. Bosco and Speakerfoxxx are also releasing a capsule collection together, with bomber jackets available for pre-order.

All photographs shot exclusively for Milk by Michelle Norris

Styled by Metta Conchetta

Stay tuned to Milk for more jams.

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