Broke AF With Dana Boulos

Summer is in full swing, and it’s about time for our fourth edition of Broke As Fuck, with a twist: we’re taking it to the west coast. That’s right: this Broke AF features the sunny LA shop Squaresville Vintage, and the effervescent, always-on-point Dana Boulos, shot by Milk fam Ella Jayes.

While we may be young, broke, and artsy AF, we’re certainly not sacrificing style. And Boulos knows a thing or two about serving up looks: as a photographer and videographer, she’s plenty used to having her creative vision come to life visually…and yes, it’s eye-catching AF. Peep her double trouble looks above and below. 


If she isn’t directing, shooting, styling, casting, deejaying, or writing, she’s thrifting. If it wasn’t already obvious, Dana Boulos has an eye for beautiful, eclectic things.

After stopping at Figaro Bistrot (Los Feliz’s porthole to Paris) for a café crème, we swung by Squaresville Vintage. This corner store has been gracing us with its amazing finds and visual merchandising since 1996.

The director, who’s claim to fame includes “Crimson Rose” (which features the fam itself, Milk Makeup), “tends to be attracted to wild prints, textures, and vibrant colors”.

The brighter the color, the better.

“I’ve been thrifting since I was a teenager. I love the idea of finding items that belong to another time period. It feels as if those items help you become the character you want to be,” she says.

Between frilly vintage Emilio Pucci slides and light pink latex boots, Boulos pulled floral prints and oversized vintage sunglasses. “I’ve recently become obsessed with the 80s and have been trying to find great pieces that stands out. The brighter the color, the better. When I find those pieces, I seem to always end up tailoring them to fit perfectly.”

Needless to say, if you make your way to the west coast, Squaresville is an absolute must.

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