Broke AF With Scarlett Costello

Happy hump day, fam! We’re coming in hot for our first edition of ‘Broke As Fuck’, featuring the lovely thrift queen Scarlett Costello at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, shot by the amazingly talented NY-based photographer, Sabrina Santiago.

While we may be young, broke, and artsy AF, we’re certainly not sacrificing style. And Costello is no stranger to finding a good bargain: apparently, it runs in the family. Check her finds in the photos above and read her ballin’ on a budget diary, below (complete with tips and tricks for the not-so-savvy, of course). 

Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money, and yet I was obsessed with high fashion. My aunt has always had the best style because she never bought something off the rack, always second hand. Fast fashion corporations like H&M and Forever 21 are very harmful to the environment because they aren’t made to last. They end up in the trash. I also don’t like supporting the factory ethics. It’s better to buy clothes that already exist rather than ones that are bound to pile up in landfill. That’s why I thrift.

Also, it’s the cheapest. You can get six T-shirts for five dollars and do whatever you want with them. And if you get over some clothes you thrifted, you can donate them back and it’s like a little life cycle. I have a pretty practical fashion sense. I don’t really buy designer or really fancy kind of dresses or sequin-y stuff. It’s easy for me to see what I’ll end up wearing in a place like a vintage market.

It’s better to buy clothes that already exist rather than ones that are bound to pile up in landfill. That’s why I thrift.

This jacket caught my eye because I’ve always loved anything leopard. The jacket is great because it’s a classic jean jacket pattern but in a leopard print. To me, animal patterns are neutral. The best way to get a bang for your buck at a vintage fair like this is using that practical eye to get something unique that you’ll wear a lot. Too many times I have bought something so cool and loud, like a floor length hand painted lime green skirt, and never end up wearing it. I also love getting jewelry vintage, they always have the best rings and necklaces. Make sure it’s sterling or plated so it lasts for a while.

Click for Scarlett Costello’s Instagram, Sabrina Santiago’s Instagram and Santiago’s website

Stay tuned to Milk for more ways on looking fresh while Broke AF. 


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