To celebrate Charlie Puth's new album—and his Legs Media-directed music video for "We Don't Talk Anymore"—we sat down with the 24-year-old to talk grilled cheese, karaoke, and Larry David.



Charlie Puth Lets His Guard Down in New Music Video

When most people look back on their middle school days, prepubescent images of retainers, sloppy kisses, and school buses probably come to mind. But not so for Charlie Puth! The same age you were agonizing over the prospect of going to sloppy second, Puth was selling his own homemade holiday CD, Have a Very Charlie Christmas (he made $600 in total on that bad boy, by the way). Given that’s where he was at in sixth grade, it makes sense that he was able to go to Berklee College of Music and then invade the radio waves with his seemingly endless stream of hits all before turning 25 years old.

Now, he’s won over his millions of fans once again with his new album, Nine Track Mind, in addition to racking up over 70 million YouTube views for the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” music video, directed by Milk’s very own Legs Media director Phil Pinto. A duet with Selena Gomez, the song is an immensely catchy ballad. And the video? Smoldering.

Of course, the irony in doing an interview with someone whose newest single is called “We Don’t Talk Anymore” is indisputable. And while it is technically true that Charlie and I aren’t speaking anymore, we did speak at one point—and at length too. Below, find out what the crooning heartthrob had to say about the most unforgettable moment from his career thus far, what type of car he’d like to be, and the secret ingredient for the most “wicked” grilled cheese of all time.

A still from the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” music video, with Puth (at left) and Mirella Cardoso (at right).

You wrote and self-released your first album when you were 12, which means you’ve been in the music industry for literally half your life. What’s been the most unforgettable moment for you so far?

I actually feel like I have only been in the industry for a little more than a year! All those previous releases were independent and were me figuring out my sound. This fame stuff is totally new to me! The most unforgettable moment of my career was definitely hearing my song on the radio for the first time on my hometown station of Z100. When I was younger I would sit in my room listening to Z100 on headphones. The first time I heard my song on the radio I was in my bedroom with headphones. It was surreal.

How was it working with Milk on the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” single? Can you tell us a bit about the concept behind the video?  

Working with Phil [Pinto] was amazing; it felt like we were close friends from college. It was cool working with a director who was such an awesome person to be around. Everything at the studio was well executed and organized. It was a really nice experience.

The concept of the video came pretty naturally. When I was writing the song, I wanted to musically capture two people who broke up and haven’t spoken in a month’s time. I wanted the listener to assume that they still think about each other all the time without actually saying it in the lyrics… The video does a great job of visualizing what the lyrics are saying.

“Anyone who knows me knows ratchet hip-hop gets me going.”

During the karaoke scene in the video, we heard you went for a Future song. Is that true?

I picked that song because Future is on my Turn Up Playlist! Anyone who knows me knows ratchet hip-hop gets me going! It was the perfect pump up in the middle of a hot New York City day.

And a bit of a random question: if you could turn into any car, which one would you choose and why?

Ooh! I love this question! I would turn into a Cadillac Escalade so I could drive my friends to the movies, but be fancy at the same time.

This was no fabricated karaoke session—this was real, bona fide karaoke, at Karaoke One7.

You started your YouTube channel doing covers and comedic videos. If you had a chance to write the soundtrack for a musical or a comedy, whom would you want to work with?

Wow, I would love the opportunity to write a song for Broadway. I would love to write a funny score and act in the play or movie. It would be my dream to work with Larry David or Jerry Seinfeld. They are the true lyricists of comedy and I respect their talent so much. I love their dry humor and [their] take on petty, everyday human inconveniences.

And finally, on your YouTube channel, it says you “whip up a wicked grilled cheese.” Do you have a special recipe for that?

A lot of butter! In New Jersey we put a lot of butter on our grilled cheese. You not only put butter on the outside of the bread but [also on] the inside. Also, it HAS to be Wonderbread and Kraft singles. The less authentic the better!


“We Don’t Talk Anymore,” was directed by Legs Media’s Phil Pinto. For more information, visit the Legs site here

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