With HARD Summer this weekend, for Power, it's all about "celebrating life and good health while we are here."



Cherishing the Moments with Andre Power 

2019 has been off to a great start for Andre Power. With a majority of the year on tour, he shows no sign of slowing down — he’s currently preparing for 4 upcoming festivals just in the next month.

For Power, it hasn’t always been an easy road; he was born on the East Coast, and in 2009 made the decision to move to San Diego to pursue a career in the art world. He was immediately confronted with the trials and tribulations of breaking into the Southern California art scene, but quickly took matters into his own hands. He utilized his new home to invite aspiring artists to meet, create and collaborate. After gaining some recognition, he went on to create, ‘Art in the Park,’ an event where he met Joe Kay (his, soon-to-be, other half to Soulection.) The two of them teamed up to create a platform for independent artists to be heard and recognized by an audience that was yearning to hear more than what was being played at the mainstream level.

Fast forward to this year, and Power has played in over 25 countries and continues to travel the world promoting the music of up-and-coming artists. With curated events like  ‘A Night With Andre Power’ & ‘Getting Lost in Foreign Places’ and playlists and mixes for Apple, Spotify, Tidal & NTS Radio, Power never forgets to simply cherish these moments.We sat down with the Philadelphia native, and now LA-based DJ, creative director, and Soulection co-founder as he prepares for his debut performance at HARD Summer this weekend.

You are on the tail end of your summer tour with a little under a month remaining, what have been some of your biggest highlights since starting your travels in the beginning of June?

2019 has been one of my most busy and successful years as a DJ/performer and I must say Coachella was definitely a highlight. If I had to choose the top moments, I would say taking my mother to Europe this month for her first time. We visited Paris, Zurich and London, and the trip finished off with the best DJ set of my career in London at Soulection’s Somerset house after party. Some of the best energy I’ve experienced.

At the moment, what has been your go-to summer clothing piece you have brought on tour?

I have two hats from Taipei, Taiwan that are my current go-to’s; a wool bucket, and a black baseball cap with a fabric tie strap. Even though it can be a bit hot for both of these, they have been my go-to accessories since I bought them, you will always see me wearing a hat. I also love my signature rope belt that I made myself, and my Human Made duffle that I purchased in Tokyo.

We met up earlier in the year at Coachella where you told me your favorite track of year was ‘Alameda’ by Solange? Has that changed? Who are some artists you can’t help but incorporate into your sets?

It’s so hard to choose favorites and narrow it down, because my music mood can be different on a daily basis. One song that stands out for me at the moment is ‘Earthquake’ by Tyler, The Creator, which has been a solid sing-along during my sets this summer. I have a handful of edits I like to play during my set, one is an Erykah Badu edit by SirOJ, and another is a BlackDoe edit of Tribe by BAS.


This is your first time attending/performing at HARD Summer, do you have any expectations or goals for yourself going into this festival? 

I don’t have too many expectations for HARD, but I do know that it’s an “energetic” festival, so that helps me with my sound direction while preparing a set. My goal for all of my sets usually remains the same, which is simply just to have a good time and try to reach everyone in the audience to make sure they have a good and memorable time as well.

In addition to HARD, you are also playing at Taos Vortex with Soulection this month. This really shows your versatility as an artist. There are definitely benefits to playing both festivals – HARD is a huge festival, and Taos is more artistic and independent. What do you anticipate from your performance at Taos Vortex?

I really enjoy how wide the spectrum is for festivals nowadays. I’m excited for HARD because it’s built its reputation from the ground up to become such a huge festival, but Taos Vortex is special to me because me being a visual artist led me to my music career. Taos Vortex and what Meow Wolf does is very similar to what Soulection is about, the freedom of DIY and keeping everything we do authentic.

What are some things you are most excited for in the coming months? Any personal plans after your tour is done?

I’m excited for my birthday which falls in early September. Career-wise, I’ve been looking to start a residency somewhere in the world, so I’ll be working on that, and personal plans, just spending more time with friends and family, cherishing the moments together and celebrating life and good health while we are here.

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