We sat down with the minds behind DAISY—the latest Australian brand to make it big time in America—and took their latest collection for a spin.



DAISY is The Naughty-yet-Nice Brand You've Been Waiting For

We usually get our best work done when we’re happy—and our happiest days are usually the sunniest ones. Which might explain the near stampede of terrific brands that have been coming out of Australia recently. And the latest to make it big time in America is DAISY.

It was after Renee and Gibson Fox, the husband and wife duo behind the label, were spotted in Opening Ceremony L.A., casually shopping while on their honeymoon—Renee, clad in a surely drool-inducing, custom DAISY piece—that they really began to gain prominence. Fast forward to today, and they’re kind of everywhere (and with good reason). It’s hard to walk around Soho without spotting their belly-bearing looks; even Kim Kardashian has been seen sporting some of their lace-up numbers recently.

However what most people don’t know is that Renee and Gibson were pushing the faux prairie, salacious-farm-girl-with-a-basement-full-of-murder-weapons look long before it was officially deemed cool. Which, paradoxically, is one of the reasons we’re so smitten with DAISY. Well that, and their clothes. Teeming with cowhide, lace-up detailing, gingham, peasant-prairie-esque tops, off-the-shoulder goodies, and now with their most recent collection “Human Emotion,” lace, and even brocade, DAISY is clearly for the audacious.

The whole vibe is very Martha Mary May Marlene; very “oops, I slept with my cousin.” An impeccable marriage of naughty and nice, in other words, that we’d like to wear at all times. Sydney-based stylist and photographer Chloe Nour had the pleasure of not only sitting down with her friends Renee and Gibson for a little tête-à-tête, but also of shooting her best friend, model and #daisygirl Mateja Buila, in some threads from DAISY’s latest collection, “Human Emotion.” Read on to find out what, in Renee and Gibson’s mind, makes the DAISY girl, and peep the tantalizing photos below.

You’ve worked on FEELTHEFUTURE and now DAISY together as a couple—what’s it like being creative business partners as well as life partners?

Being together is our top priority no matter what we’re doing. We could never work different nine-to-five jobs and only see each other on weekends. We’re claustrophobic with ideas, we never stop talking about things. If we’re apart, we’re [calling] each other every five minutes. Now that we’re so used to making decisions together, we’ve lost all autonomy! 

How has being Australian and designing DAISY in Australia influenced this season?

We don’t think DAISY really reflects an Australian aesthetic. If anything, there’s a subversive effect; Australian fashion can be quite safe, so it motivates us to break the mold.

You’ve mentioned Mateja, Charmaine, and Colette as design muses. What makes a DAISY girl?

Our girl gang is super inspiring. Having Kim KPetraAli Michael, and Niki Takesh all pushing DAISY is super rare. We’re really lucky to connect with so many incredible people. I don’t think there’s anything specific in mind when it comes to DAISY girls; femininity is diverse. They’re all proud, beautiful, talented women who DGAF.

 We’ve seen DAISY hit so many massive milestones since inception just a year ago, what’s been the most exciting so far?

Launching “Human Emotion” with American Vogue was really crazy. Working with Opening Ceremony is an endless joy, and when Kim K started wearing DAISY we were truly pinching ourselves. Those are the highlights!

On the topic of “Human Emotion”—if it were a song, which would it be and why?

“Human Emotion” is a revivalist look at the era between medieval and modern, as mankind began to search beyond the primitive superstitions of the past and let emotion guide them toward self-awareness and enlightenment. A period of limbo that birthed the spirit of change.

[So we’d have to say] Black Sabbath, “Changes.”

DAISY is the new must-have of every “It” Girl’s closet. What’s something in your closet you could never part with?

Renee: Gibson’s old Bathory hand-me-down tee. I wear it two or three days a week; it’s my favorite thing. And this one-off pair of DAISY patent leather pants which were too expensive to produce but are so lush and liquid shiny.

Gibson: My gold jewelry for sure—it’s all custom—and my personalized Goyard. Also some super rare Slayer shirts that are irreplaceable. 

We’re so excited for season three—can you drop any hints?

We’re in the thick of it right now. Who knows…

All images taken exclusively for Milk by Chloe Nour.

Model: Mateja Buila.

For more info on DAISY, and to shop their new collection, visit their site here.

Stay tuned to Milk for more brands we’re ogling. 

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